Development methodology

In this project we are trying to use some kind of Agile Software Development methods.

Of course, we can't apply all the methods and procedures described on Agile Programming, but we tend to do Test Driven Development. The reason is clear for us: Open Simulator is evolving quickly and we will need to follow its directives (interfaces); so we need a method to refactor the code and detect where the changes (or errors) are.

So all the code, at least the most sensitive parts, has unit tests. The unit tests are the first thing we create when designing a new service. Of course it will require some extra work at the begining but later the advantages of not to having to test the system agains a "real" Open Simulator system will compensate the starting "loss of time".

Unit testing allows us to check too the code coverage and is a entry point for improving the performance of the system.

You can find more information on the sections about installing the development environment.